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Garbo Tableware, more than 30 years of experience in tableware manufacturing, we are confident that our customer services and sales staff are well trained to serve our customers with great care and attention.Garbo Tableware has a wide range of tableware including glassware, ceramic tableware, flatware, kitchenware, plasticware and opal glassware, etc. Nearly 100,000 different items are available for choices of wholesale customers. With reliable quality and complete variety. We own tableware factories and have good cooperation with many other tableware manufacturers. It absolutely allows us to offer you the best price.

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27 03

China Wholesale Garbo Kitchenware: a supplier of high-quality pizza cutter

Pizza cutter is an essential tool for slicing pizzas quickly and efficiently. Whether you're enjoying a homemade pizza or ordering from your favorite pizzeria...


25 03

Guidance for use of new design heatable porcelain serving pot

The heatable porcelain serving pot are not only elegant but also practical, which can be used in many occasions.


03 02

Electric Wine Aerator-New Popular Choice for Mordern City Life

With instant aeration, precision, space-saving designs, and the ability to preserve opened bottles, our electric wine aerators are poised to become an essentia...